Streamline Your Mentor Onboarding

We understand your mentors expect a modern, sophisticated onboarding experience -- one that gives them status updates and moves them through the process quickly -- and that you need tools that anticipate your needs and handle the heavy lifting. Good news: we've got what you need!

  • Online Application Form
    Your custom application form - designed around your program needs - establishes the mentor record, eliminating unnecessary data entry.
  • Screening Process Tracking
    Built-in tools for tracking volunteer screening. Optional integrated background checks automate the screening process.
  • Streamlined Reference Checks
    Custom reference forms are automatically sent out to references and feed back into the volunteer record for review and follow-up.
  • Matching Assistance
    Potential mentor or mentee matches are presented in priority order based on shared interests, characteristics, & more.
  • Match Follow-up Reminders
    Customize your own match follow-up schedule. With optional birthday, driver’s license and other important reminders.
  • Mentor-Logged Activity Hours
    Mentors can securely log their activity hours & notes from a web-enabled device, updating your database real-time.
  • Effortless Reporting
    Use your data to tell your story to your community, your board, and funders..

"Innovative Mentoring provides a seamless way to manage our growing program, connect with our mentors and strengthen mentoring relationships to encourage retention."

Sherenna Clinton, Coordinator of Mentoring Services
Kansas City Public Schools

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