Our Story

Innovative Mentoring Software began in 2001 when our CEO Jamie Anderson’s wife, Suzanne, was working as a volunteer coordinator at Kinship, a mentoring organization in Minneapolis, MN, that needed a better data management system. Having gone to college with Mark Bajema, a software engineer, and Stacy Bajema, a social worker, she recommended their newly formed software company for the project. Innovative Mentoring Software was born! Mark and Stacy not only took on the project but also became mentors themselves.

Innovative Mentoring team
The Innovative Mentoring Software partners are committed to providing you an excellent software solution for your important work. Pictured left to right, Mark Bajema, Suzanne Anderson, Jamie Anderson, Stacy Bajema, Chris Lefstad, and Hannah Lefstad.

Passionate about mentoring, seeing the need for a user-friendly yet robust software solution, and encouraged by the Kinship network to share the software more broadly, they made it available to mentoring programs across the country. Coming full circle, in 2015 the two couples partnered further and Innovative Mentoring Software became a division of Emergent Software, a top-rated software development firm in Minneapolis. Long-time friends now sharing a common vision: to bring the benefits of Innovative Mentoring Software to as many organizations as possible!

Since then, we’ve added a team of professionals who are passionate about technology and the ways it can help you serve kids better.

At Innovative Mentoring Software, we are committed to providing you with:

  • a user-friendly yet powerful way to manage your unique data tracking and reporting needs
  • excellent customer service
  • a long-term strategic partner in your important work

We know that for some kids, having compassionate adults who care about them and advocate for them can change their lives… or even save their lives. We love the work we do, and we know that you do, too. We want to team up with you to make a difference.

Our Team

Mark Bajema photo
Mark Bajema
Vice President, Technology
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Jamie Anderson photo
Jamie Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
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Stacy Bajema photo
Stacy Bajema
Vice President, Innovative Mentoring
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Brian Cherney Photo
Brian Cherney
Director, Software Development
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nicollette photo
Nicolette Perreault
Director, Innovative Mentoring
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mcAllen Photo
Mike Allen
Principal Engineer, Development
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Chris Lefstad photo
Chris Lefstad
General Manager
Chris Lefstad funny photo
McNeal photo
Mike Neal
Senior Software Engineer, Development
McNeal funny photo
Derek Gee photo
Derek Gee
Database Developer and Administrator
Derek Gee funny photo
Hannah Lefstad photo
Hannah Lefstad
Account Manager, Innovative Mentoring
Hannah Lefstad funny photo
Kyle Larson photo
Kyle Larson
Lead UX Designer, Development
Kyle Larson funny photo
Chris Knopf
Senior Software Engineer, Development
Ryan Drost
Senior Software Engineer
Kevin Martin
Senior SQL Server Developer
Alex Conway
Senior Software Engineer
Ben Rude
Senior Software Engineer
Tony LaMartina
Software Engineer
James DeMeuse
Senior Software Engineer
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