Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to some common questions. If you have any other questions please contact us.


How long has Innovative Mentoring Software been used?
Used successfully since 2002.

Where is the company located?
Innovative Mentoring Software is a product of Emergent Software, a software development company located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We serve clients across the country.

How many other organizations are using Innovative Mentoring Software?
Since new clients join us on a regular basis, visit our client list page to see the other organizations that are currently using our software.

What type of free support is available?
We offer unlimited free support via online request through the database or email. We provide step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, for your questions. We want the database to be an effective tool for your organization, so we are always happy to help!

What are the hours of support?
Normal business hours for support (Mon-Friday, 9-5 Central time). Non-business hour support available for emergencies or special situations (international clients, etc).


What is the system's up-time?
Greater than 99%

What are the technical specifications?
Since Innovative Mentoring Software is web-based (cloud) database, it only requires a computer with an Internet connection.

What are the Internet web browser specifications?
The software supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome and Safari. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer users will experience decreased performance compared with the other browsers.

Can I access the database on a Macintosh (Apple) computer?
Yes, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari 3 or higher are supported by our software for Apple Macintosh computers.

Define system security.
We take your data security seriously and have implemented industry best practices, including the following:


Database Back‐End

Data Center

Usernames and Passwords

Data Ownership


How soon can I get started?
Once we receive your payment and paperwork, we can schedule your free training session in as little as two weeks, depending on your staff's schedule. If you are doing a data import, the process includes working closely with you to implement your data successfully.

What is the average size of the mentoring organizations that use the software? Is there a limit to the number of matches that the software supports?
We serve a wide variety of clients, including very small and very large mentoring programs. There is no limit to the number of matches that you can create in the software. We want you to have as many matches as possible!

What is the range of custom options available?

Can I manage more than one initiative at my organization?
Yes! You can use our software to seamlessly manage multiple mentoring programs as well as other types of programs like after-school or tutoring programs. Each program is available for separate or combined reporting.

What is the range of reports available with the standard package?

Flexible Reporting

Limitless possibilities for reporting using the comprehensive search & reporting section of the database. Specify criteria to get the information you are looking for. Flexible reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further data manipulation. Here are some examples:

Formal Reports

Can we get custom reports?
Yes! Depending on complexity, custom reports are available for estimated $300-$600 per report. You provide a "mock-up" of the requested report in Microsoft Word or Excel format. We create the report including professional print formatting, and you can run the report using live data at any time.

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