OJJDP Grant Reporting for Mentoring Programs

Save time and hassle with easy-to-use reporting for your OJJDP grants.

Many of the mentoring programs we work with have received funding from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Did you know that since 2008, OJJDP has awarded over $1.2 billion dollars in grants to mentoring organizations? Getting federal funding for your mentoring program is great and having help in providing the reports is even better!

We offer expertise in providing customized, built-in reports that meet your specific grant requirements. This optional add-on is available in our Premium & Enterprise packages. Working with us can save many hours of staff time and stress in producing these specialized reports.

For multi-site or multi-state OJJDP grants:

  • We provide each of the agencies/sites with their own private database based on a customized template that meets your reporting requirements.
  • We provide online training on how to use the database as well as documentation specific to your reporting needs.
  • We work closely with you to create reports that are tailored to your needs & can be reported into the OJJDP grant interface (JustGrants, etc.)
  • We provide your central office with a reporting platform where you can run the reports using real-time data.
    OJJDP Grant Reporting Screenshot
  • In each report, you can determine the reporting parameters and select all sites/agencies or only include a particular subset.
    OJJDP Grant Report Parameters Screenshot

"We are so grateful for the IMS system. With one click, we can now pull accurate numbers that meet exact OJJDP report requirements."

kerri feider photo

Kerri Feider

Director of Communications & Technical Resourcing, Leadership Foundations