Evidence-Based Mentoring

Innovative Mentoring Software helps organizations develop effective mentoring programs that implement evidence-based mentoring standards for: recruitment of mentors & mentees, screening of mentors & mentees, mentor training, making matches, monitoring & supporting matches and match closure procedures.

Recruitment of Mentors & Mentees

Track and recruit contacts potentially interested in mentoring youth or being mentored using the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) features of our software including:

Mentor Portal on Mobile Devices

Screening of Mentors & Mentees

Implement your own mentor and mentee screening processes:

Mentor Training

Enter training hours for mentors in the activities area of each mentor's record:

Making Matches

Match mentors and mentees in one-to-one or group mentoring relationships based on program goals and characteristics of the mentors and mentees.

Monitoring & Supporting Matches

Monitoring and supporting mentoring matches is a primary function of our software which includes many features:

Match Closure Procedures

For more information on evidence-based mentoring, please see the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring page on MENTOR's website.

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